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Sewage Action Group for the Lambourn Upper Valley (SAGLUV)

We are pleased to announce that SAGLUV is now fully established.

The five villages of the upper reaches of the Lambourn Valley are represented by the following members:

Upper Lambourn and Lambourn

Vicky Rieunier, Rachel Carden and Chris Harris


Andrew Gorton and James Potter

East Garston

Sue Tulloch and Martyn Wright

Great Shefford

Louisa Freeman, Piers Storey and Tony Coard

We are supported by our District Councillors, Clive Hooker and Howard Woollaston.

The Group operates with a Steering Committee comprising Martyn (Chair), Vicky, Sue and Louisa. Whilst the main common issues will be dealt with by the whole group, it is envisaged that some of the local, village-specific issues will be dealt with by the individual village teams.

SAGLUV hasn’t wasted any time in getting started. Today, the Steering Committee hosted a three hour meeting with two Thames Water Executive Directors, Richard Aylard who we know well, and Tessa Fayard, the Operations Director for the Thames Valley and Home Counties.

Both report to the CEO, so we can’t go any higher up the chain, other than the CEO himself! So at least we knew we had the decision makers at the table. Howard was also in attendance, but unfortunately Clive had a previously arranged commitment, but sent in his concerns by letter.

We will post a more detailed report of the meeting in the coming days as there is some follow up work to be done to finalise some of the points made and questions raised.

We are well aware of the financial restrictions that TW are facing, but there were some robust discussions, which ensured that TW are under no illusion as to the seriousness of our situation, and to our absolute determination to achieve some speedy resolution to the difficulties we are facing.

There is some way to go to clarify a number of points coming out of the meeting, but we are cautiously optimistic that progress has been made.

And that’s not all! We are delighted to announce that we are establishing a working association with Action for the River Kennet (ARK), the highly effective, and widely acclaimed, organisation that campaigns for improved quality of water and habitat in the River Kennet and its catchment.

By working together, both SAGLUV and ARK will benefit from shared ideas, information and data, with a common objective of clear sewers and clean rivers.


March 2024

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