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SAGLUV update

SAGLUV Update - 6 April 2024

The Sewage Action Group for the Lambourn Upper Valley (SAGLUV) held its first full meeting on Friday 5 April with the villages of Upper Lambourn, Lambourn, Eastbury, East Garston and Great Shefford, all represented.


The main item on the agenda was an analysis of the current situation in each village, in order to progress the dialogue we have started with Thames Water. At the meeting we had with TW at the end of last month, and in their subsequent report, TW assured us of the further efforts they were making to mitigate the immediate problems, however, they were not very specific as they were still working on possible solutions.


Following that meeting, despite the fact that groundwater levels are still very high, we have seen some definite improvements:

In Great Shefford, provided tankers are on site 24/7, most of the difficulties of unusable loos and showers are mitigated. Unfortunately, we have seen variable attendance of tankers, and with rising groundwater levels, this is still a concern. 

In East Garston, the sewers have been jet cleaned and, at present, are clear, with the filter unit coping with the excess flows.

At Eastbury, the tanker operation was keeping things under control, until yesterday, when manholes were overflowing again.

In Lambourn, we were advised that TW have jet cleaned 1 kilometre of downstream sewer pipes, and the good news is that the sewage fountain by the Fire Station has stopped. A tanker operation was started at Goose Green which has eased the problems in that area, and has also slowed down the overflowing manhole in Oxford Street. Repairs to a broken sewage pipe in Baydon Road have been escalated and are currently in progress.

However, Upper Lambourn is still suffering badly, which proves that groundwater flooding is still a major threat for the whole area. We now have to get TW’s focus onto Upper Lambourn as well.


Some of the above areas clearly need further investigation over the coming days to complete the picture. We are aware that the sewers are still full to capacity so these improvements are precarious, with any blockage, or heavy rain, rapidly changing the situation.

Our response to TW in the coming days will reflect these concerns, whilst acknowledging the improvements we have witnessed.


Another important issue we discussed, is how we communicate with residents to keep everyone up do date. As SAGLUV is a joint initiative by the three Parish Councils, all updates will be posted on each PC website, with “pointers” and links going onto other local communications channels.

Anyone wishing to contact SAGLUV can use the email address for the relevant PC, putting SAGLUV as the subject, or speak directly to any of the members.  - Vicky Rieunier, Rachel Carden, or Chris Harris. And for Eastbury, Andrew Gorton  - Louisa Freeman, Tony Coard or Piers Storey  - Sue Tulloch or Martyn Wright

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