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Environment Agency temporary pump update

9 May 2024: Great Shefford temporary pump update

The purpose of this note is to let you know that we are now making plans to remove the temporary pump from the Great Shefford Stream on Wantage Road.

As you know, we installed the temporary pump and pipes early in January 2024 to reduce the risk of flooding from the Great Shefford Stream. We operated the pump until about three weeks ago – and turned it off when it was no longer required.

As previously explained (in the Great Shefford Parish magazine and at our public meeting on 18 April 2024), the high water levels in this stream are influenced by the groundwater – which causes groundwater-fed, fluvial flooding, especially at this time of year.

We have been closely monitoring the groundwater levels around Great Shefford, specifically in the Wantage Road area. Our Operations team have determined that based on the current conditions as well as the fact that the groundwater levels are now dropping, the pump is no longer necessary.

The pump has been off for three weeks - and during this time the weather conditions, whilst improved since January/February/March, have at times unsettled with sometimes heavy rain. Over this period, we have had no reports of flooding or concerns about the current levels from the local flood warden or other residents.

It is important that this kit is removed as we need to start mobilising (setting up) the construction site to start building the permanent flood alleviation scheme at the end of May - and the pump and pipework will be in the way. We will provide a newsletter with construction information at the end of May/beginning of June, so please look out for an update then.

Regards, Susan

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