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Traffic Jam

Great Shefford
Community Speedwatch

About the Community Speedwatch

A voluntary scheme, run in conjunction with Thames Valley Police, aimed at reducing the number of speeding vehicles through the village, particularly on the Wantage Road.

If you would like to join the existing small group of volunteers, please use the Contact Us option below.


Community Speedwatch was set up in Great Shefford in response to the large number of complaints about speeding vehicles. It is operated through Thames Valley Police, using equipment loaned to the volunteers by the Police, supplied from the Community Fund of Matthew Barber, the force’s Crime Commissioner.


There are strict rules governing where and when the speed checks can take place, and all volunteers have to undertake the training which is provided by TVP before operating the equipment. Offenders are written to by the Police who will visit in the case of repeat offenders. The police will operate their own speed checks if results indicate these would be justified.

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