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Parish Clerk Vacancy

The Great Shefford Parish Council is looking for a Parish Clerk to support the team.

Becoming a Parish Clerk is one of the most rewarding jobs in a local community – a

competent Clerk underpins a good Parish Council. Parish Clerks usually pride themselves on

having a good deal of common sense, confidence to handle a varied administrative

workload, being a good organiser, being IT literate and being able to get on with most people.

Underwriting these qualities is a sense of public duty - of wanting to help others in the

community. The Clerk is the "engine" of an effective Parish Council.

The role of the Clerk is to ensure that the Parish Council as a whole conducts its business

properly and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support. The

Clerk and Parish Councillors are mutually supportive and could not exist without each

other. Parish Councillors are elected by residents where as the Parish Clerk is paid for by residents.

The Clerk’s salary is part of Great Shefford Parish’s Precept (Council Tax allocation). Parish

Councillors are volunteers who are committed to trying to maintain/improve their

communities and are passionate about trying to make a positive influence.

The position is part-time based on 9 hours per week plus taking minutes bi-monthly at the Parish Council meetings. Expenses are included and salary is based on experience and qualifications. There is also additional budget available to support cleark-specific training.

If this is something you may be interested in please email for more information

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