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Health and Wellbeing evenings

To support your wellbeing, mindfulness and fitness we are fortunate to have Olivia Boydall and Kirsty Harris who run weekly classes in the village hall.

Yoga with Olivia Boydall 

Olivia runs Yoga sessions every Monday at 6:15 pm

Suitable for all, I offer lots of variations of postures and always encourage each individual to rest as often as they need to, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the practice and feeling comfortable.

To learn more, or book a place, please visit

Lower Limb Rehab

Kirsty runs lower limb rehab sessions every Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00 pm

The Lower Limb Rehab Class is an exercise-based rehabilitation class aimed at improving your lower limb function, mobility, strength and balance. The class is set up as a circuit of exercises that are progressed and regressed as appropriate to ensure they are suitable for everybody attending the group.

Physiotherapist-Led Pilates

Kirsty runs physiotherapist-led pilates sessions every Thursday from 6:15 - 7:15 pm

The Physio-Led Pilates Class is a mat-based Pilates class aimed at improving strength, especially at our functional core and trunk muscles. The exercises will also promote mobility, flexibility and balance. The class will run as group session and all the exercises will have various difficulty levels to allow participants to progress through the levels as they improve.

To learn more, or book a place, please visit

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