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West Berkshire Neighbourhood Watch

West Berkshire Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is about being alert for any crime or suspicious activity, it is helping the Police to reduce local crime, promoting neighbourliness and looking out for each other to make the community a safer place to live.


We are looking for people in West Berkshire to volunteer to be Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators.

How to set up a scheme:

Angela will send you information on Neighbourhood Watch plus two one page forms to complete to receive the Alerts on Crimes and Scams and to be a Coordinator.


A scheme can be anything from 5 properties to part or all of a road. The Alerts can be forwarded to neighbours via email, a WhatsApp, Facebook or Nextdoor Group.



Having a circulation is also helpful if for example pets or other items are lost, to notify on suspicious callers or events in your area plus offering help if needed to elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Benefits: Help to keep the community safe and neighbours getting to know one another. NHW signs, stickers, leaflets are free and all members of a scheme receive various local discounts.


We currently have approximately 550 schemes in West Berkshire. It is so important to have Neighbourhood Watch schemes in all areas and do hope that you can help us to achieve this in Great Shefford and surrounding areas.


Please contact Angela with your details (name, road, email and phone number) and she will forward some information to you and will check whether there is a scheme in your road.

Please contact: Angela Money BEM on Newbury (01635) 40866, 07774962641 or email:

More information on: Thames Valley | Neighbourhood Watch Network (

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