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Great Shefford
Emergency Management

About the EMT

The Great Shefford Emergency Management Team are a group of volunteers who coordinate the community response and liaise with the emergency services / local authorities in the case of any local emergency.

If you would like to know more about the team or get involved, please use the Contact Us below.


The Emergency Management Team provide coordinated first response support following a local plan framework to ensure an effective approach to managing a major incident that may threaten the safety and welfare of the community and vulnerable individuals.

The village and surrounding Shefford Woodlands are split up into several specific geographic zones, and each zone is managed by a team leader and coordinated by an Emergency Liaison Officer

Each zone team leader runs a WhatsApp group. If you would like to volunteer or would like to be updated on EMT updates, please contact your zone team leader. 

To view specific EMT information, please select from the options below:​

Village Zones

Village Zones

Village Team zones

Contacting the EMT team

Contacting the EMT team

To contact a member of the EMT Team, please fill in the contact form below. If you would like to be added to your village zone WhatsApp group, please include your mobile number.

Thanks for submitting!

EMT Team Leaders

Blue Team - Wantage Road, Millers Field and Nimms Meadow

Team leader: Linda Bowden

Address: Downside, Wantage Road

Orange Team - Spring Meadows / Blakeney Fields Estates

Team leader: Liz Bell

Address: 1, Spring Meadows

Red Team - The Mead and Fetti Place

Team leader: Piers Storey

Address: 1, The Mead

Green Team - Station Road, Riverway

Team leader: David Fawcus

Address: Millbrook, Station Road

Purple Team - Church Street, Newbury Road, The Mallards, Hunters Meadow, Scholars Close, East Shefford

Team leader: Neil Palmer

Address: The Ridings, Church Street

Emergency Liason Officer

David Blundell

Address: 7 Riverway

2024 Flood Updates

2024 Flood Updates

The following village flood section will be updated regularly. If you would like to get the most recent information, please contact your EMT zone team leader in the section above.

9th Jan 2024

Environment Agency update

The Environment Agency are mobilising pumps and pipes in the village to reduce the risk of property flooding.

A series of pumps will be installed down one carriageway of the A338. Once the pumping is in place, towards the end of this week, temporary traffic lights will be in place around the pumps, which may cause some disruption.

The pumps will remain in place and pump water as and when needed for the next few weeks. We are mindful that the pumps can be noisy when in operation, therefore we will locate the pumps as far away from peoples’ homes as possible and they will only be switched on when necessary.

We do note that the pumping will control groundwater flowing through the stream and prevent overflowing from the stream down the road and into properties. The pumping will not reduce overall groundwater levels below the surface and may still impact cellars and properties.

Sewage update

Several properties are currently affected by groundwater ingress into the sewage system causing manhole cover leaks and preventing domestic drainage. Portaloos are being delivered on Wednesday 10th Jan and final locations will be confirmed.

If you are affected by sewage issues, please contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 or by going to and they will arrange for the delivery of sandbags.

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